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Valeria's Testimony

Valeria is a mother, daughter, grandmother, and a wonderful friend. She is such a sweetheart with a beautiful spirit! To know her is to love her. Her life took a turn that she never expected.

Val’s testimony on her battle with brain cancer:

The week before Val was diagnosed, she began to realize something wasn’t quite right. She would forget her precious grand babies' names while on the phone with her daughter, which was not the norm. Her primary care physician said it was sinuses and gave her a prescription. However, she still wasn’t feeling well. The following week led to cloudy thoughts, severe headaches, and repetitive questions while at work. She started to feel like she was losing her memory. Val left work early one day, due to a bad headache, with intentions of just going home to lie down. However, she decided to go to the hospital instead due to the pressure and pain. An MRI revealed something was on her brain, and immediate surgery was necessary. Val came out of surgery just fine and was informed that everything went well, it wasn’t cancer, and the lab would review the specimen. She was discharged within the next couple of days to begin her road to recovery when she received the disturbing call several days later. A call instructing her she need to follow-up with the neuro-oncologist as soon as possible.

When the oncologist came into the room, he said, “It doesn’t look good. It is cancer.” Val and her daughter were distraught. Her daughter asked the life expectancy, and was told about 14 months. Val turned to her daughter and said, “Well, you won’t have a mother anymore in a year.”

Val began radiation therapy and chemo right away.

Her life had changed entirely within a matter of weeks (the MRI findings, brain surgery, cancer diagnosis, radiation and chemo), and she didn’t see it coming. She went through a phase of depression, sleepless night, and was overcome with sadness. She began giving her items away as she lost hope for life. She had death on her mind and thought she was going to die. She went through a phase of anger and wondered, “why me?”

Throughout the ordeal, she was covered by friends and family who flooded her with prayers, love, and words of encouragement. She moved in with her daughter's family and was also comforted by a fellow coworker who survived brain cancer.


Within weeks, Val began visiting a church that was on her heart for quite some time. She soon rededicated her life to Christ, was baptized, and is now an active member. She's been attending faithfully ever since. This situation brought Val back to Christ, and she began walking in faith not fear. Her favorite statement is “Won’t He do it.” It also became Val and her daughter’s favorite song that they would play each time they left the cancer facility after her daily radiation treatments. The radiation staff at the cancer facility would tell Val, “You are always so happy with such a beautiful spirit,” and Val attested it all to God.

To this day, Valeria is cancer free…Glorraaayy! Val began to profess that God is going to WOW the doctors with her report and that is exactly what He did. They were in shock when they saw the improvements on her MRI. That ain’t nothing but the Lord!

When asked how cancer has changed her life, Val boldly told me that it has increased her faith and redirected her back to God. It also brought her closer to her family. She said she has no choice but to keep walking by faith and believing in God for continued miracles. She continues with her monthly Chemotherapy treatment and neuro oncology visits and knows that it’s a battle, but as she experiences changes such as weight loss, skin breakouts, and hair loss, she leans more and more on God. Her thinking is transformed, and she no longer thinks about death. Praise God! She isn’t fearful when she goes to her appointments. In fact, she tells the doctors “we only speak life over here!” I know that’s right, Val! Hallelujah!

Valeria, thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony. To God be the Glory! We pray that you will continue to operate in your purpose and exude that Glory Glow, despite your circumstance. Keeping shining your light and walking in alignment with God as He WOWs those doctors. We pray God's continued blessings, healing, and favor over your life. You are a living, walking, talking miracle. We love you and will be praying for you!

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