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12 Years Later

It has been twelve years since I was diagnosed with my first Chronic Pain Disorder, endometriosis. The story of the woman with the issue of blood always hits home for me because it reminds me of my story. I feel like it’s the foundational story for the ministry. I suffered from pain for years, both physical and mental, until I came into a relationship with Jesus. I sought after Him during my storm, I invited Him in (Revelation 3:20), and there my true healing and transformation journey began.

This story is about a woman who was afflicted with a steady flow of blood for 12 years. The bible says that she spent all her livelihood on physicians and still could not find healing. In my mind, she was in excruciating pain, similar to the pelvic/body pain symptoms of endometriosis. I, too, visited several doctors for years - not 12, but it sure felt like it. I couldn’t imagine 12 years of constant, steady pain. One day, as Jesus was walking through town, on His way to another healing mission (might I add!), she took a bold move, made her way through the crowds to touch the hem of His garment. Through her faith in Jesus, the ultimate healer, she believed that she could be healed with just one touch. How powerful is that! She spent her life savings on several physicians with no help in return. But she knew that Jesus’ healing power was so mighty that one mere touch of His garment would do the job. That is so beautiful. That’s evidence that Jesus’ healing power is greater than anything else!

Jesus said to her, “Daughter, be of good cheer; your faith has made you well. Go in peace.”

In addition to her physical pain, I’m sure she was burdened by emotional distress. Because of the bleeding, she was considered unclean, so can you imagine the despair she must have carried. Suffering isn’t only tied to the physical; there can be emotional and mental implications as well. Suffering can also be as a result of an economic crisis or other hardships. Or caused/triggered by something that has taken residence over us. Such as an addiction, stronghold, generational curse, bad habits, etc.

Scripture says that we can rejoice in our tribulation because it produces perseverance (Romans 5:3). Below are some additional attributes I saw in the woman as a result of her suffering:

  • Patience – She had an infirmity for 12 years while waiting for healing. There will be things we want to be removed from our lives - things we are tired of carrying, dealing with, or suffering from. Instead of handling matters on our own, we should be patient and give it over to God. There is so much beauty in what our pain can birth. It’s in the waiting that God processes us and turns our test into a testimony, our pain into our ministry.

  • Posture – The woman crawled through the crowd and was determined to get to her healing. She was on the ground, the dirty ground, at the feet of the Lord. We should never think that we have arrived at a point where we cannot bow down and surrender.

  • Persistence – The woman was willing, by any means necessary, to get to the King. In life, we will face situations, giants, plots, and plans that will try to knock us off course. But we must stay focused, on course, and steadfast in faith. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in our way.

  • Position – Jesus was passing through a town on His way to heal Jairus’ daughter when the woman with the issue of blood received her healing. If she wasn’t in position, she would have missed her blessing. Be careful of the distractions in your life or the things that are sent to entice you. They can be in the way of your destiny. Get ready, be ready, and stay ready to receive what God has for you.

  • Presence – When we worship and get into the presence of our King, it takes our mind off what seems bad and shifts our thoughts toward the good. God loves our worship, and He wants us to invite Him into our presence. No matter the circumstance, we serve a God that can turn things around.

Here it is, 12 years later. I still live with endometriosis and other chronic pain conditions; however, I’m not plagued by symptoms. I may have chronic pain conditions, but they don’t have me. I have been healed, and because of Jesus, I’m thriving in purpose and can find joy in the afflictions.

Questions for thought:

  1. Do you have a thorn you are waiting to be healed and delivered from?

  2. What/who has been your source of healing?

  3. Are you waiting patiently?

  4. Are you in posture/position to receive your healing?

Love you and I’m praying for your healing ❤

Scripture references: Matthew 9:20–22; Mark 5:25-34; Luke 8:43-48



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