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This page is where we share inspiration, spiritual resources, and testimonies, and we pray you'll be blessed by them! 


So, let's be inspired and inspire one another. If you have a recommendation for inspiration or would like to share your testimony, please click below! *Your testimony will be shared as a blog post on the site. 


There is beauty and healing in sharing your story.



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Thank you for your transparency. It helped me realize that it's ok not to be ok and that I don't have to suffer in silence. I may have Chronic Pelvic pain, but it doesn't define me. 

I read your blog today and I think the Lord saved it for me, for today...I needed to be reminded. I'm typing this in tears because sometimes I wait to hear God's voice and get frustrated because sometimes I feel like He's forgotten about me. I received your message because I know He's speaking to me through your blog. I love your blog! Thank you for sharing your gift (hugs).




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