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Ministry Praise Report

God never ceases to amaze me! Can I this time to fill you in on how He again, blew my mind? In early 2019 God laid it on my heart to start a nonprofit. I had recently returned from a mission’s trip to South Africa, so I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be something related to missionary work, as my heart was still a little heavy from that experience. So, I wrote it on my vision board (where I annotate my annual goals) and waited for confirmation. It wasn’t until November 15, 2019, that God led me to see that it’s this ministry that I was to form into a nonprofit. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting in the waiting room of my GYN for a post-op follow up appointment. Okay, let’s rewind to when God gave me the vision for this ministry in July 2017. I passively went live in 2018, and as some of you already know, I would blog infrequently. So, I was like, really, God, PITP as a nonprofit ministry? But I decided to be obedient and started the process. I began researching the start-up process and attended a seminar. Lo and behold, ya girl was a little discouraged at that point because it was conclusive that it would be tedious and hard to achieve without proper guidance.

I had recently met a woman while serving at church. We exchanged numbers, and she not too soon after invited me to a ministry event. I had no idea what the event fully entailed, but God laid it on my heart to attend. To my surprise, it was a launch party for her ministry's nonprofit status. She poured into other women in attendance and shared details for the organization that helped her walk through the process. I was floored. Literally. I contacted the company a few days later, and the process has been seamless!

Now you know the enemy stays busy, right? Of course, it wouldn’t be a completely easy process. I’ve had several doubts and questioned God along the way. In fact, I’ve been in prayer for the past two weeks for confirmation. Ladies, hear me. I submitted the application to the IRS on May 18, 2020, and was informed it could take 3 to 6 months before we hear anything. Therefore, I wasn’t expecting to hear anything until at least August. But God! His plan always outweighs our expectations. We received formal notification on Tuesday – the date stamp on the approval letter was 2 days shy of a month. It is official….Purpose in the Pain Ministries Inc. is officially a 501c3 nonprofit organization…woot woot! God is so good, and I believe He will do some amazing things through this ministry.

COVID19 may have put a shift in the planning of “in-person” engagement activities, but the work will still be done. Please be on the lookout for updates to come! We will be looking for volunteers and will initiate some campaigns to collect donations, etc. Ladies, we thank you for being a part, and we thank you for your continued support. Feel free to share the ministry with your family and friends. Also, we ask that you keep us in prayer as we embark and function as a nonprofit ministry. To God be the glory.

Love you. Be blessed!

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