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A word of Encouragement

Hello, Ladies! I just wanted to come through with a word of encouragement as you tackle this day, this week, shoot the whole month! Whatever thought that is telling you that you can’t, you CAN! Here lately, the enemy has really been trying to attack my thoughts and feed me the complete opposite of what I was set forth to accomplish. Listen, these thoughts get on my nerves, and honestly, be in the way. Isn’t it crazy how one small thought can knock us completely off course? You were literally just inspired, feeling great, and ready to be productive, then boom, there is that little voice (fear, anxiety, overthinking, etc.) that tries to derail you. Does this ever happen to you? I know that little voice far too well, but I am making every intentional effort to take control of those thoughts. Join me, let’s do this together!

Let’s declare and believe that:

  • With God ALL things are possible.

  • God’s promises are GREATER than the lies of the opposer.

  • Our purpose is GREATER than that voice.

  • We are GREATER than our circumstances.

  • We Can and we WILL!

I encourage you to lean into God even more when those negative thoughts try to settle in. That's just pure confusion trying to distract you from the greatness that you are carrying.

I'm praying that you will conquer all that God has purposed in and through you! Love you, sis. You got this. Have a blessed week!

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Timely encouragement

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