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Activating Faith over Fear

I have been experiencing a physical pain flare-up this past week. I attested it to recent non-stop going, and I mean, NON-STOP: A college send-off cookout for my daughter Vacation (travel) moving her into college an endometriosis networking event and more.

For the most part, I rested this week, which included canceling a few meetings to fully allow myself the physical and mental space to refuel. But during my quiet time this morning, I realized it was more than just a rest time for physical restoration, but it was, of course, spiritual as well. I received so much revelation this morning. I am appreciative of the gift of introspection. Now, introspection may not always feel/look good, but when God is in it, it's only for the best - healing and growth.

Sometimes we have to slow down to gain a clear view. Otherwise, life may get fuzzy, cloudy, and full of blinders.

Some of what I noticed was how I've inadvertently reacted to transition lately. It's a season of transition for me, and transition can sometimes spark fear. Now when I usually feel fear creeping in, I'll do an exercise to examine the root cause and then seek God's Word to combat it. But this morning, I went even further to identify what the fear produced. I heard: Circumventing the Path to the Promise. In other words, I had created another route and didn't even realize it. Wow!

Here's the kicker - I have an accountability call with a sister every Friday. During our call today, we shared very similar stories of what God has been revealing to us lately...let's just say it was a divine confirmation.

What God led me to this morning and what I want to share is out of Romans 8:31-39 - God's Love for us. These passages reminded me that nothing can prevail against me because God is for me. Despite the circumstances that may produce fear, flare-ups, or even troubles, I am more than a conqueror in God; nothing can separate me from His love.

So let this be a reminder: Fear does not give us permission to do things our way (well, attempt), nor does it give permission to retreat from God's instructions. Fear is a triggering feeling that should ONLY prompt us to lean in and wholly rely on the strength and power of God even the more. And in that, we will be conquerors and can activate Faith over Fear!

Questions for application:

  1. What (if anything) has caused you to feel defeated or unloved lately?

  2. Take a moment to pause and reflect on the root cause and how you've reacted.

  3. Read and meditate on Romans 8:31-39 and any other scriptures that are encouraging to you, and let the Word of God begin to fill and transform your thought process.

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