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Hebrew 11:1 tells us: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen”. Now, I know relying on faith isn’t always an easy task because we can become naturally drawn to those things in which we’re surrounded by. It’s like one of those “easier said than done” things. But, my faith is what really kept me solid and sane throughout my process. Faith is what gave me the push to keep going in the midst. Although the pain was very present, I held on knowing that better days were ahead. Truth is, my faith wasn’t always built on a solid foundation -that solid foundation being Jesus Christ. I was relying on my own personal strengths, thoughts, and will to navigate through life and would somehow still remain in that same holding pattern. That same area of doubt that I will ever be good enough, doubt that things would ever get better, and doubt in my worth. Once I developed a relationship with Christ my faith was strengthened and I learned to lean on Him for strength because I couldn’t do it alone. I started reading the word and my thoughts were no longer my truth but His promises were. And I laid down my will and picked up His. Holding on to faith, especially in the midst of the storm, helped me tremendously. It is by faith that I believed and it is by faith that things started to change. I’m grateful!

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