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I Thought I Could Do it All

I don't know if I intentionally said yes to a thing to prove a point or if I just sucked at saying no.

I remember agreeing to physically or mentally exerting tasks just so I wouldn't be deemed different or incapable. The accolades and sense of accomplishment upon completion felt great, but having to pay for my 'yes' for days to come - did not. This was especially in the workplace.

I completely overlooked what was best for me, in terms of a healthy and practical balance, because I didn’t want to be judged. Can you relate?

It was exhausting, to say the least!

I didn't want to be judged by others due to my chronic illness and pain.

Things lightened for me tremendously when I adhered to my physical and mental health limits, said no, and even began to disclose that it was for medical reasons. Not that I had to – but for me, it took the load off.

Now, I know that not everyone is comfortable disclosing their conditions, limitations, or constraints for various reasons. I get it and respect it!

It took a paradigm shift (a process) for me too:

1. I had to overcome the embarrassment and shame associated with my chronic illnesses,

2. I had to believe that I was still capable,

3. I had to realize my identity or abilities were not tied to my chronic illness and symptoms - nor are they fastened to what I could do, but in Christ.

Nonetheless, recognizing the need for healthy boundaries and being mindful of limitations to protect us from overexertion is vital to our overall health and well-being. And so we can show up the best versions of ourselves.


That can be a process. I've been there!

I wrote a blog about working while Chronically Ill click here to read it.

Having lived this, I thought it was essential to include "Learning how to incorporate a healthy balance and boundaries in your life (without guilt), so you can begin to live well" into my coaching framework.

Do you struggle with recognizing and honoring your limitations and creating boundaries so you can live well? Maybe you need a paradigm shift, so you don't view workplace boundaries and limitations as a weakness.

Sound familiar? Let's chat! Click below.


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