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Just A Little At A Time

Hey, Ladies. I pray this blog finds you well.

Just a little at a time dropped in my spirit, and I just had to do a quick blog as I found it to be profound for several reasons...

Just a little at a time popped in my spirit the other night as I was washing my face and winding down for the night. This came after an extremely busy day, just as I was battling the decision to sit down before my computer or climb into my bed. My nightly routine time usually is when I’m on to the next thing – literally thinking about what lies in the days ahead and all my to-dos. I heard God clearly say, “Just a little at a time” as if He was telling me to just do what I can. I wanted to share this blog, primarily because the Holy Spirit gave it to me, but also because I realize there will be times where just a little will have to do. Part of the reason I believe I was inconsistent with blogging is I became too focused on meeting the expectations of my self-imposed “posting” deadline/schedule, rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to work through me on the timing and a topic. Which in turn, caused anxiety when it came to designing/maintaining Instagram posts, blogs posts and editing, every 2 weeks. I allowed my focus to drift more on the timeliness of the posts, rather than the purpose. For me, this goes beyond the blog. I can think of areas in my career, parenting, relationships and even ministry where this has occurred.

I’m pretty sure we all have been guilty of this a time or two. Especially in today’s culture where everything is instant, and the need for validation from others is insanely high. The problem is, when we allow our own plans to lead our actions, confusion can take residence and distract us from our divine calling.

I recently listened to the Your Daily Cup of Inspiration podcast by Dianna Hobbs where she referenced Proverbs 19:21 “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” That scripture truly resonates with me because it reminds me that no matter the plans that I set forth, God’s plan and purpose is always greater. Especially when it’s kingdom work. In other words, I do not have to overthink a thing, especially to meet MY expectations, instead, allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through me and God’s will, will be done. Ain’t God good, Y'all!

I pray this will be a nugget for you, too. As mothers, wives, leaders, friends, whatever capacity we’re called to function in; I think it’s our instinctive nature to push, plan, juggle and make it happen. However, if and when you ever get to the point of feeling like you aren’t doing enough and/or faced with the anxiety of time constraints, remember to do “just a little at a time.” If just a little is your current best, then do your best with what little you got 😊 It’s enough!

Thank you for reading and allowing me to be transparent about my shortcomings. Love you lots…until next time.

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