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Keep YOUR Pace

The Holy Spirit nudged me to walk the Woodrow Wilson Bridge this past weekend. Trust me, I was definitely looking forward to hibernating this weekend, particularly on Saturday. My work week was super busy, so I was anticipating bringing in the weekend with some relaxation. Especially after coming in late the night before from chauffeuring my teenager *side eye*. But I was obedient, and got up and made my way for the stroll. And I’m so glad I did because it was a beautiful, scenic and serene walk with just me and God. I was listening to one of my favorite worship albums, Paradoxology by Elevation Worship, as I welcomed Him into the atmosphere. This was my second time walking the bridge. The first time I walked it with my Ministry Sister, but I believe it was intentional for me to take the walk solo this time. I love being by the water, I love people watching, and I love love love my time with God, so the morning was perfect!

Of course, there were several other people out there, some were strolling like me, some jogging, and there were even a few bike riders. They were a variety of ages, body statures, athletic builds, etc. Some were solo, and some were in pairs and others in groups.

The weirdest thing would happen as some were passing me by. I found myself attempting to pick up their speed. I felt myself wanting to jog a little to keep up with a person who passed me going at a­­­­­­ faster rate. There were even seasoned women out there pushing past me. Tuh! Yeah, I got a little distracted thinking about my pace in comparison to theirs.

But that’s not it - the U-turn happened, yup! *clutches pearls*

So, here’s the thing – there are limitations to what I can do, and I try to remain in tune and mindful of them to alleviate a potential flare-up. Walking the whole bridge…Nah, I’m not there yet. I mean, I also have to take into consideration the double back to my car, right? *shrug* But as I was approaching my U-turn point, I begin to think about what others would think when they saw me or noticed I didn’t walk the whole way. I even went a little further than my intended U-turn landmark for that reason.

Now, those thoughts/moments only lasted for a few, I quickly got myself in check, and I actually chuckled through some of them. Especially the thought of picking up a little jog, ha! I couldn’t help but receive a revelation from it all. I pray the following points will bless you whether at home, work, your ministry, or life in general:

1) When led to go, Go!: Everything in me wanted to stay in bed Saturday morning. I woke up a little later than I anticipated and I’m not going to lie, the thought of just staying home certainly crossed my mind. But I had to get up and go. This wasn’t a me thing. It randomly dropped in my spirit, when my mind was set on resting in, so I knew it was from God, and therefore, I knew I had to push and go.

2) It’s not a race: Just because others were passing me at a greater speed, doesn’t mean I wasn’t making any progress. Their pace was their pace, and my pace was mine. I was accomplishing what I set out to accomplish, maybe not as quickly, but I was on the go. Focusing on other people and their speed would only impede my process and progress. This is a place where a comparison trap could be detrimental on our path of execution. We have to stay focused in our lane, remain at our pace and don’t compare ourselves to others. If we remain in alignment with God, and go when He says go, we will be right in position.

3) A turn of events is ok: You may come upon a turning point, and that is ok. As long as you know your why, and are still on target with the intended pace, it’s ok; you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Maybe what you set out to accomplish doesn’t require the full or same distance as another person. Additionally, a turn of events doesn’t equate to failure or cheating. Everything happens in divine timing – God’s timing - and it’s essential to be in tune with your limitations, pace, and the desired destination because a U-turn is still a predestined path to your destiny.

4) Take it all in, in stride: When you are in the midst of what God has instructed you to do, while accomplishing it, I think it’s important to take it in stride. By doing that I mean, soak in everything you see in the process. Because I was thinking about other people and their progress, I could’ve truly missed the moment. The route was beautiful, especially being by the water. I would have missed the presence of God and the opportunity to praise and worship Him. We have to remember there is beauty in whatever God calls us to do. We shouldn’t be so evoked on the finish line that we miss the beauty in what God is doing. Avoid distractions!

5) Keep the Pace: When you set out to do a God thing, chances are some crazy thought will arise to make you feel like you aren’t doing something right and prompt you to give up altogether. The enemy is such a bully! I finished the walk feeling pretty good, stopped at a tea café I just happened to park beside (winning!), and made my way home. I felt accomplished – finished the walk, had 1-on-1 time with God, and had some yummy tea. But after I showered and rested, I started aching, and all sorts of thoughts crossed my mind. Things like, maybe I should've never gone walking because of my chronic pain. I quickly had to remind myself where my strength comes from (2 Corinthians 12:9) and that those thoughts were contrary to God's promises. This is a reminder not to give up on what God has called you to do. It might be painful, but that’s confirmation that it will all be worth it.

Be Blessed, Ladies!

Heavenly Father, please give us the strength, wisdom and ability to move when You say go and to do so at the pace You have given us. May we remain in alignment with what You have assigned us to do. Lord, we pray against any distractions and comparison traps. May we rest in Your promises and trust that You will supply all our needs. I pray that we keep sight of Your greatness and the beauty in the process. You are a great Father and You are worthy of all the praise and the honor! It is in Your name that we pray these things, Amen!



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