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Networking at its Best!

I received the following revelation on a few occasions this week and I had to share: Networking is a similar form of Discipling. defines networking as: a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest. I have witnessed a chain reaction of Christian women supporting and empowering one another lately and I’m loving it!

Here are a few examples of the awesomeness:

1) A Christian woman helped build my site, quite beautifully if I must say so. In fact, she has her own ministry called His Daughter’s Closet where she encourages women. Before I was linked to HDC, I was in contact with another designer who just couldn’t deliver. But, I was randomly led to Morgan’s site and the rest is history. She was super professional, patient, supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process.

2) I asked a woman at church about a finance ministry – targeting to help people get a grip on their finances. And ever since I parted my lips to ask her about the ministry, she’s randomly blessed me with info which seems to come across my phone right on time!

3) I was reconnected with a childhood friend who also lives with Chronic Illness. The connection was so divine. God has used me as a vessel in her life since we’ve been reconnected. I have been able to provide her with resources to help her in this difficult season of her life. Praise God!

4) Here’s the kicker – I went out to a birthday dinner with 5 other women on Saturday night and the flow of networking has been so beautiful! We all seem to have something in common and/or a resource to help another. This is the kicker because I started not to go…somewhere between fatigue kicking in and fear of a flare-up. My body was really exhausted after attending another commitment earlier that morning, which involved a lot of walking, so I almost sent that dreadful “sorry boo, I can’t make it, my fibro is…” text. But, I’m so glad I found the energy to press my way! I often find that there is always a blessing on the other side of a push.

So you might be asking why I’m linking discipling to networking. I’m glad you asked! You see, some Christians fear the responsibility of discipling because they seem to think discipling must be in the form of door-to-door evangelism which always reminds me of the beginning of Friday…“Are you prepared for Jehovah’s Return…” lol. Or some other form of {perceived} intrusive evangelism. But, truth is, discipling could be an organic process. Especially when there is a common interest mixed with a Christlikeness/fruit of the spirit attitude, then, in my opinion, the door to discipling will open. I believe God can use us as a conduit, in any situation, to bringing others to knowing and believing in Him. Sometimes we get stuck on the thought that if we don’t lead a person all the way through Romans Road then we’ve failed. But God makes no mistakes! All things are accomplished on His timing. He will equip us to do exactly what He needs of us at that moment – He will handle the rest.

One way to opening that door to discipleship while exuding Christlikeness is by doing everything in love - God wants us to love one another, in John 13:34-35 He tells us to love one another as He loves us so all will know that we are His disciples. Another way is by letting our light shine – Matthew 5 v15 says “You are the light of the world” and v16 says “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven”. When we graciously and openly show others light, then they can’t help but be naturally attracted to it.

I just wanted to share this as it has dropped in my spirit a few times this week. Women helping other women is such a beautiful thing to me!!

Be blessed ladies! Love yall…xoxo

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