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Nurture & Bloom

Thank you for hanging with us through Finding her. We are rearing the end and have received feedback that it's been a blessing to many. All glory to God! We are ending with the fruitful part. Having removed the roots, there is now space for other things to flourish fully. This process is indicative of the current season that we are in, isn't it?. There is something about the fall season's symbolism where things whither and eventually die, so newness can subsequently form.

I want to point out one thing: just because we've experienced bad roots and its negative fruits doesn't mean we do not have good qualities and attributes. False. Please don't misconstrue that. You were born royalty; you are a queen! The roots were just in the way, and it was time for them to go!

This timing is very relevant because of the weight of everything else going on globally; there is no time for extra lingering burdens, thoughts, and stress. It's time to be set free.

In an attempt to allow the good to shine through and protect yourself from further subjection to the damage of past hurt, resurfacing emotional connections, or regrowth of negative fruit, it's time to put a few things into practice. Generally, when you make an intentional effort to make changes in your life, you endeavor to maintain consistency, right? Well, the same applies here. Let's jump right into it - nurturing the good and blooming into the beautiful you!

Be intentional

At all costs. Again, because you deserve it and you are worth it. Being intentional in your efforts as you continue to grow towards healing while nurturing your amazingness is essential. It merely means doing what's best for you, on purpose, and deliberately. An example would be setting standards over your life; that way, you can hold yourself accountable by sticking to them in an effort to meet goals and not fall back into old habits and patterns. In fact, the following few principles are also examples of intentionality.

Know your triggers

And avoid them. It only takes one small reminder of something to draw us back to that place we worked so hard to come out of. Therefore, being mindful of triggers can help to alleviate the potential of backtracking and is a must. A trigger could quickly spark an emotion or a feeling that can hinder our journey towards growth and healing if we are not careful.

Set Boundaries

And stick to them. Boundaries are necessary for all areas of life. Again, it's an intentional effort to protect yourself from what isn't conducive to where you are in your life or what you are willing to accept. It's almost like a personal fortress of protection. When you set boundaries, certain people and things have limited access to you. Boundaries can help protect you from what you are unwilling to take and set the foundation for how others should treat you. Additionally, boundaries can also keep you from overextending yourself.

Break Cycle

As mentioned in previous iterations, generational cycles can be the culprit of emotional trauma and baggage. Therefore, striving for generational cycles to stop with you is indeed a way to aim to keep generational family dysfunction from resurfacing. For example: If you come from a family of alcoholism and verbal abuse/disrespect, you might decide never to drink to break the cycle. Thus, creating a changed foundation for generations to come.

As this series has come to a close, remember, the journey to healing and wholeness can take time, and everyone's timeline is different. Lean into God every step of the way, and don't give up on the path to becoming the full and authentic version of you. I encourage you to revisit, refresh, and reapply as needed. You are not alone!

I want to leave you with some encouragement as you continue moving forward:

  1. Boldly flourish: Don't mind the image or pressures that the world wants to place on you or the expectations of others. Be true to you and whom you were created to be (Genesis 1:27). Be confident and boldly you!

  2. Share your story: People need to hear it. Releasing can be therapeutic for you and the hearer. Women need to know that they are not alone, and another sister can be touched, blessed, and deeply encouraged by your story (Mark 5:19).

  3. Pollinate everywhere you go: Bloom and spread seeds. We are blessed so that we can bless others (Matthew 5:16). And as you grow, I encourage you to uplift and encourage others in the process.

  4. Glorify God: He is worthy. It is He that can and will see you through. And it is God that has created you as His masterpiece (Psalm 139:13). Thank you, Father!

Thank you for pulling back the bandaid, digging deep within, and journeying with me to Finding Her. I pray this resource has been helpful in walking alongside you to identify roots and the negative symptoms that they cause, ultimately moving towards healing and wholeness. Love you!

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