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Saying goodbye to 2020...

Hi, Friends! I pray all is well and you had a beautiful Christmas. We are walking out of 2020 in just a few hours, can you believe it. For many, this time couldn’t come fast enough. This year has been one of the most devastating to date for me. Far too many people have endured losses. I realize that, and I empathize with all who have. I love you.

There was still good through the devastation, and as we cross over into the next year, I want to take a moment to reflect, and I hope you will too.

Although we are going into a new year, by no means do I expect to wake up tomorrow and feel like Dorothy in Oz. In other words, just because it’s a new year does not mean the burdens of 2020 will up and disappear at wake up. But what I do know is, all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). What I do know is 2020 didn’t catch God by surprise – it had to happen. And through it all, God remained in control, on the throne, STILL working things out.

Through the 2020 turmoil, I’ve heard amazing testimonies: Financial blessings, new babies, healing/deliverance, new homes, businesses flourished, ministries birthed, and more. These things didn’t just happen. Some took time, and to be honest, the women didn’t know when God would show up in their situation, but He did. Hallelujah!

As we welcome in 2021, I encourage you to find comfort in knowing that God is still God. He is not on a timeline, and certainly not ours. He is on a mission, for a purpose. Through the hurt and devastation, God is preparing us for what may be unknown to us, but is well known to Him. We just have to trust the process. Strength and perseverance are birthed through hardships so that we can see God’s power work in our lives (Romans 5:3-4). Much stretching and pivoting occurred this year. Here’s one that I’ve consistently noticed: The mothers who were met with the challenge of homeschooling their children while still managing the matters of their home, work, etc. They did it and are still doing it. Way to go, yall! I bet the unplanned and unexpected showed us all new heights in which we didn’t even realize we could reach. That’s a victory that’s worthy of a praise!

Lastly, 2020 was the year of vision, indeed. This year forced us to have to deal with ourselves and all that process it entails. We were secluded, isolated, and couldn’t escape to that THING that helps us avoid and not deal with reality. As I spent a lot of time with me, here are a few personal reflective moments in 2020 showed me:

  • God is in control! No matter the state of the world, nation, Government, etc. He is. Again, the pandemic did not catch God by surprise. Sometimes we are faced with the unimaginable to God can do the miraculous that only He can do. It’s in the heinous moments where God’s power is revealed.

  • It all serves a purpose. The things that I tried to run from, negotiate with God, and/or meet Him in the middle, He forced me into it head-on this year. Looking back, I’m like, ohhh, ok, God, I see what You did there. I honestly couldn’t see what He was doing in 2016 when I first felt His nudge, but I can see it now. To include the hardships, pain, tears, and struggles.

  • Trust the process. This year did not go according to how I planned in terms of my goals. I generally write out my goals for the year in January. But by June, I was in pivot mode, as God was leading me in a different direction. I had to edit a few goals on my dry erase board in alignment with the new path in which God was directing.

  • Rest is essential. Sometimes we can become programmed to think busyness, and “the grind” equates to productivity. Some actually see it as a point of validation. But honestly, it can be counterproductive to progression. Rest is beneficial and a vital component to overall good health. This year has graced me with extra time to rest.

  • Family Value. My dad spent numerous days in the hospital on three or four separate times during the pandemic, with no visits. That was the most challenging time for my family. During which he developed sepsis and also had an amputation. He’s home, he’s alive, and he is navigating his new norm as life as an amputee. We are navigating it together. The days aren’t easy, but we are grateful for his life. I lost an aunt in October, and it hit hard as it was unexpected. If only I had more time with her. We have to cherish family and loved ones while we still can!

Before you go into the new year, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on this year and all that it has revealed to you. Despite the turmoil, I hope that the reflection, the lessons, and the revelations will birth continued growth in your life. I’d love to hear your stories and testimonies. Please share.

I pray for an abundance of health, purpose, love, and your heart's desires in the new year to come.

Be blessed, and we’ll catch up in the new year. Love you, sugar!

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