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Showing Gratitude in the Storm

This week has been extremely rough on the pain scale. I have been flaring since Tuesday, at home, and mostly bedridden. But God! As I was grabbing my items to leave work early on Tuesday, I remember saying to my coworkers, “My good days have outweighed my painful days here lately so I won’t complain.” Here it is Thursday night, and I’m still in bed and still in pain. However, I managed to telework today, so I guess I’m making progress *Insert Praise Hands*.

The highlighted comment instantly put me in a posture of gratitude dead smack in the middle of a flare-up. Where in the past, the pain would have sent me into a depressive and melancholy state, I was able to stop, reflect, and face this temporary flare-up head-on. I was encouraged despite the circumstance.

This is reflective of how our reliance on God should be. When in a storm, we should be encouraged to remember the times that God has carried us through. We should recognize the times in which He saved us from the unknown and the better days that we have seen through Him. Although we may face trials and tribulations, we should never forget all the great things that God has done in our past and even better – all the marvelous things His Word promises that He will do. He is a good father, and He deserves praise at all times.

Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved. Psalms 55:22

God, we thank you in advance for a transformed mindset. We thank You for the ability to reflect on all You have done in our lives and we praise You in advance for what You will do. Our storms are only temporary, and it is through You that we have the victory! It is already done. Amen!

Be blessed, ladies!

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Monica Wood
Monica Wood


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