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Three Ways To Lighten Your Load 💞

I have traveled several times in the past few months. And anyone who knows me well or has traveled with me knows that I am a heavy packer. In fact, I’ve pretty much defaulted to flying southwest since the first two bags are free. Shout out to southwest for the favor and grace!

A couple of benefits to packing heavy were options, of course, and often had things someone else might’ve forgotten. Oh, you need (insert the most random item)? I got you! Listen, I had it all.

On the flip side, the process of traveling with the load was a complete and total headache – and quite embarrassing. I would often give disclaimers up front – “So, you know I can’t pack, right?” Or, “Brace yourself and don’t say a word, I know it’s a lot.” And the anxiousness that came when approaching ticketing…Lord, please let this suitcase be under 50LBS!

I was over it….

I found myself in a place where I was bothered by my packing consumption so much that it created a love-hate relationship with traveling. After much thought, I realized I suffered from packing F.O.M.O. (Not sure if that’s a thing, but here we are).

What does that mean? I’m glad you asked. I feared not having the right things to wear or everything I’d need while away from home. The problem is I was carrying around extra stuff, and although it seemed beneficial, it was actually heavy, burdensome, and excessive. In fact, I’d return home with more than half untouched – which served me no purpose and was just WEIGHT!

The upgrade

But guess what, yall! My most recent travels felt so freeing and light and DRUMROLL…..I had everything that I needed!

How many times, ladies, are we carrying around things that we don’t need, things that serve us no value except excessive weight on the way to our destination? Don’t get me wrong, the intent might seem well, but when you finally arrive, you realize you didn’t need it after all.

Before your next move, I encourage you to take time to stop, access, and determine exactly what is needed for where you are going. Don’t fear the things you have to leave behind. Be decisive in your decisions and go! Trust me, it is freeing when you pack light!

I have decided to replace that F.O.M.O. with trust and faith that I will (and ALREADY) have everything I need – Psalm 23:1.

Here are three ways I encourage you to lighten the load toward more freedom in your life.

  1. Stop and access what you are carrying

  2. Determine what exactly you need for where you are going

  3. Don’t be afraid to leave the unnecessary behind

Hey! Are you ready to move forward, but the weight (mental or physical burdens) may be slowing you down or keeping you stuck? I’d love to walk alongside you as you begin to unpack so you can experience the freedom and momentum that comes with a lighter load.

Click here, and let’s chat!

Looking forward to it. Be blessed!


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