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We Can Be Vulnerable with God

When it comes to being vulnerable with others, it can feel like we are being stripped naked with no place to hide. We may feel that our deepest secrets, greatest fears, and failings will lead us to become outcasts, judged, and ultimately rejected.

It is easy to close yourself off from the world, but it is much harder to be vulnerable because vulnerability involves risk.

Some of the thoughts that may cross our minds is how people will react when they discover this about me. Will they be disappointed? Or will they expect it? Will they say, “I knew it all along?” How will this affect my reputation or how someone sees me? The list goes on.

When it comes to God, we can bring all that we are before Him. Why? Because there is nothing that is a surprise to Him. There is nothing about us that He doesn’t already know. And what is even more comforting is that His love for us is not dependent on us.

There is nothing you can do or say that will alter God’s love towards you; if you can’t imagine how this is possible, I encourage you to read Romans 8:31-39.

If you find this hard to believe because this is often not our experience in human relationships, take some time to reflect on how God saved you. Did He save you because you were spotless or because of your good works? Did He tell you to clean up your mess before you come to Him? Nope.

What did He do instead? He took you in, even while you were a sinner. While you had no desire or will to know Him and to please Him. This is the God we serve. He looks at the lowly, the hurt, the poor, the broken, and the lost, and He doesn’t shun them. He welcomes them. He welcomes them to experience His goodness. He welcomes them to receive His understanding and His love. His love that cleans us up, His kindness that brings us to repentance. His grace that gives us new hope, and His mercy that makes us new.

When we bring our weakness, pain, and troubles to God, His grace provides all we need to endure, grow and heal. By sharing our vulnerabilities with God and not hiding them, we get to see an even clearer image of Christ’s power in the areas where we are weakest or most frail. This all finds its end in trusting God and allowing His power to strengthen us in all our troubles!

Application Activity:

Friend, what have you been carrying that you need to bring before God in full vulnerability?

I encourage you to bring it to him in prayer and dialogue. Lay it before Him with no reservation. Then open your heart to receive His love and instructions. Whatever it is, God can heal and free you from it if you let Him.

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Be blessed. Love you!


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