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What has the capacity to recharge you?

I went on a staycation/retreat two weeks ago as I was led to unplug and just rest! It was a time well spent and replenishing.

Upon check-in, I noticed I had forgotten the charger for my laptop, which was a little under half charged. The hotel was close to the mall, so I ran to the mall to purchase a power cable. Apple charging accessories are sometimes interchangeable, so I thoughts I would use my phone's power adapter (which plugs into the wall).

Now you're probably thinking, why did you need your computer if you intended to unplug? Great question – I committed to 3 hours of writing each Monday in April, and I had a client on Tuesdays, and it was important to me to honor those commitments. Here's the kicker, both sessions were over Zoom, which pulls significantly from the battery; I often have Zoom writing sessions with a dear sister for accountability and to avoid distractions, and I meet with my client via Zoom.

I wasn't on my computer Sunday night, but I assumed the phone power adapter was adequately recharging my laptop. But to my surprise, it didn't charge it much, if at all. So when Monday came around, and about 40 minutes into my writing session, I noticed the battery was at 14%, and after plugging it in, there was no indication that the device was charging. I ensured everything was plugged in securely; at one point, I moved locations thinking perhaps it was the outlet.

Then it dawned on me. The adapter did not have the capacity to recharge the laptop, especially while being drained by Zoom. I ended my session earlier than planned and returned to the Apple store to recharge my laptop in preparation for my client the following day. It was at 84% when I left. Who wasn't paying $59 for another laptop adapter was me, Lol. Judge me not.

But get this; when I returned to my room and plugged my laptop into the phone adapter, it eventually recharged to 100%. So it was good, and ready for my session on Tuesday.

I don't know about you, but I tend to find a revelation in most things, and this one here was a timely prophetic revelation, especially while tucked away with the Father, to get clarity on things in this season.

A few revelations I received from this experience:

A full recharge can only come from the correct source. I tried to recharge a device with a source that did not have the capacity, and we often do that too. We seek help from external things, and while God has gifted people to help people, He is the ultimate source of healing, recharging, and replenishment.

Recharging may come with a cost. I'm grateful I had the option and flexibility to recharge my computer at the store. If I didn't, I would have had to pay the price of $59 for another adapter or the cost of missing those two commitments.

Things in life will drain us, and we may not recognize how much until it's too late. We all have energy drainers – knowingly and unknowingly – that pull from our cup and capacity and can deplete us if we don't remain cognizant and prioritize recharging. That Zoom application was a significant energy drainer. My laptop is usually plugged in and charging while I'm on Zoom, so I seldom noticed how quickly it could deplete the battery if not connected to the source. Ha! That's a whole world.

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

Isaiah 40:29 NIV

Practical Questions for Reflection:

1. What in your life is draining you?

2. What/Who is your source for an adequate recharge?

3. What is your process for recharging?

While at my retreat/staycation, I went on early morning scenic nature walks with God; I spent time praying and communicating with Him; I rested and rested well; I journaled; I read outside of a school assigned reading, and more.

Love you, sis! Don't forget to recharge.

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