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Word of Encouragement

Happy Monday! I pray all is well, and you are staying safe and healthy.

So I had a skype chat with a coworker a couple of weeks ago, and we were checking in on one another. She informed me of a new diagnosis and some other things going on within her family. She soon replied, “From now on, I will only have good news to share with you.”

I thought to myself: 1) Oh no, did she think I was tired of hearing about her situations? Or 2) Going forward, if she has bad news, will she hold it all in?

I would love nothing more, but for her to only have good news going forward. But, I assured her that if she has some, not-so-good news, that’s ok too. It all serves a purpose. I went on to tell her how, when I had been asked how I was doing lately, my response wasn’t always positive. My dad was hospitalized around that time. Anyone in contact with me knew I was extremely overwhelmed and had a lot going on. That topic was indeed brought up in almost every conversation. But it was in that transparency that the person on the receiving end could be there for me and uplift my spirits.

I’ve been guilty of concealing my feelings and emotions in the past. I

thought the other person would think, “ugh…here we go again, another pain flare-up” or “she’s still talking about that?” So instead, I just swept them under the rug and would intentionally discuss other things. Furthermore, I didn’t want to be perceived as weak. However, admitting how one truly feels isn’t a sign of weakness; it shows strength.

We often see this mirage of what strength should look like, portrayed by society and culture, on TV, social media, and other worldwide networks. Still, there is also strength in transparency and in truth.

We may also feel the pressure to have it all together because, well, we serve an amazing God who is our strength and is all-powerful. But that’s just it, HE is our strength and truth is, if we didn’t face trials and times of despair, then we wouldn’t need to rely on Him to do what we can’t. In 2 Corinthians 12:9, the Lord said to Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Paul then says that he will gladly boast in his weaknesses, so Christ’s power can reside in him. No matter what we may have going on, good or bad, the good news that forever remains is God’s promises. He stands true even during our “not-so-good” moments.

So, I encourage you, when your sis, mother, boo, or whoever asks...share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Don't feel compelled to mask it. You never know how they could support you or how you both might actually encourage one another. God gives us relationships and community to walk alongside for that reason.

There is healing in the revealing!

Love you, friend! Have a blessed week...on purpose!

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