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Word of Encouragement - God's Grace

God’s grace extends more than we can ever comprehend!

And for that, He deserves the glory, honor, and praise! Grace is a gracious or merciful behavior of a more powerful person toward another - displayed by the Lord toward humankind. I’m so grateful for a Father that gives grace upon grace.

2 John 3:1 says, grace, mercy, and peace will be with us, from God the Father and from Jesus Christ the Father’s Son, in truth and love.

Have you ever been in a place of worry and anxiety because you didn’t know how things would play out? Perhaps you were running late, or missing a few ingredients to that meal, up against a work deadline, overwhelmed with household duties, or in a rut and felt stuck. As a result, you were instantly overcome with anxiety while trying to figure things out. Only for everything, EVER-RYYY-THING to work out perfectly in the end! His grace miraculously blesses and covers us through the unknown and uncertainty. Only God’s grace can do that.

Anxiety and worry can undoubtedly affect our moods and our bodies. It can cause irritability, and we lose patience with those in our presence. Additionally, various physical symptoms are induced by anxiety.

I want to encourage you to try rest easy during those moments, place your trust in God, and believe that everything will work out beautifully - it always does - by God's Grace.

God's grace is Sufficient!

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